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As it say’s in the Title , I now have a channel on Rumble , for those unfamiliar with the name , it is basically like YouTube but without the ever increasing censorship.

I’m not interested in the overall wanna be celebrity nature of YouTube and prefer to let the snakes ‘do the talking’ , so to speak (pun intended).

The content will consist of short videos , each featuring an individual animal , serving as a video reference gallery of sorts.

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Orange T+ Pituophis c. annectens


2022 saw my first ever clutch from the pairing of my albino T + lines , T+ male paired with my F1 Orange Metallic T+ female.

Fully expecting all the offspring to be a mix of T- and T+ visual phenotypes , of course it did not quite turn out as expected , with more than a couple of pleasant surprises hatched.

Alongside the new Stotton T+ Snow and T+ albino siblings , a lone male , extra bright Orange with the most amazing Blue /Lavender tones !

2022 Stotton Orange T+

Please leave your comments and thoughts below ,its much appreciated !

Pituophis catenifer annectens 2022


Superhypo x Albino Extreme Red 2022 clutch

In 2020 I hatched the first ever Hi Red Superhypo’s , hitting the double visual was an amazing and proud achievement for me , a real genuine milestone.

2020 Hi Red SuperHypo ( yearling female )

For the 2021 season I choose to give my F1 Albino Extreme Red female a season off from breeding , opting instead to aim for this 2022 season.

Pairing again with the same F4 SuperHypo male yielded me a clutch of 10 eggs , 9 of which were fertile , all 9 successfully hatching with zero human egg cutting bullshit involved !!

Here is a quick snap of the freshly hatched offspring.

2022 clutch.

Once again I am fortunate enough to hit the elusive double visual , plus one or two other treats.

2022 Hi Red Superhypo (HRSH).
2022 Black and Silver Multi Het.

A no. of the offspring have a real Anerythristic / Axanthic like appearance and it will be interesting to observe their colouration once sloughed.


Pituophis deppei jani HYPO Project 2022


One clutch sired by my one of a kind hypo male ,12 eggs laid , 11 fertile eggs , 11 offspring , Zero egg cutting!!

To determine if the offspring are potentially hypomelanistic phenotypes one must allow them to reach 12-18 months old.

Anyone familiar with jani is already well aware of the massive ontogenetic change they go through as they mature and of course as hatchlings they start out quite drab in colour when compared to the matured colouration.

Only now ,as this season hatchlings arrive , have last seasons offspring begun to ‘colour up’ and reveal their prospective real true colours. This somewhat agonising waiting period in order to find out if the hypo phenotype could be successfully reproduced is now partially over.

The good news is simply this , I strongly believe that I have 2021 jani offspring with a significantly high possibility of being hypo phenotypes.

Although there is now an established hypomelanistic deppei deppei , founded by John Ginter and now several generations in. To my knowledge there are no other known morphs/variants in deppei jani , therefore making my one of a kind hypomelanistic male a truly unique animal.

Interestingly the aforementioned hypo deppei deppei has now been established in two separate phenotype’s by an old pal of mine named Tim Gebhard of Vivid Reptiles ,a well respected and seasoned breeder with an exquisite collection.

Tim has dubbed these ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’ phase and they are uniquely beautiful snakes. For anyone unfamiliar with these amazing deppei deppei , I strongly urge you to go check them out , you will not be disappointed !!

here is a link http://www.vividreptiles.com/pages/vrhd-pg/vrhd.html

Anyone interested in any potentially available deppei jani offspring sired by my hypo male inquire via email to : pituophis@pituophisart.com

1.3 2022 £ 250 each

Snow Surprise


Last season I paired a Lavender Albino Female with my F1 green Snow male and although the clutch was relatively small , the offspring were outstanding.

Amongst the albino hatchlings , there was one with an extremely hi percentage of red and a single Snow. This Snow was unlike any I’ve previously encountered and was of a totally unique phenotype , being somewhat striped/patternless and most certainly aberrant.

2021 hatch

As this 2021 hatch is maturing the colours are changing , notably the central neck markings are becoming more white whilst the yellow on the sides/flanks is intensifying

Fast forward to this season and I again paired the same couple and the results are again , to say the least , interesting!!

The same but different would be a good descriptive to use here my friends.

I’ll let these pics do the talking from here.

Alpine Avalanche


The 2022 season is off to a great start , a clutch of 12 eggs annectens have all successfully hatched out.

This first ever clutch fathered by my F1 Alpine ‘microscale’ X F3 Alpine Female sees the re-emergence of these ‘All White’ , gophers and the first introduction of the mysterious ‘microscale’ gene.

For historical context ,the name Alpine was initially given to this new snow phenotype as an obvious reference to Stark White and Snow , i.e. Alpine White/Alpine Snow. A perfect descriptive of the new F1 hatchlings , It also happens to contain my own name ‘AL’ , perfect ! ;).

As hatchlings , the F1 Alpine hatchlings were the regular pinkish background tones associated with Snow phenotypes , beside stark white. The eyes had a blueish tint when viewed from above and viewed in profile they appeared two tones of red/pink.

Once mature they become pale grey , the white become even more vivid (especially on the heads) and they lack any vivid yellows , the eyes changed quite drastically , dark red pupils with steel blue/silver iris’ , a Ruby eye Leucistic anyone ??


Now, lets get back to this latest clutch . . . .

Of the 12 hatchlings a small no. seem to have a uniquely different appearance , unlike the siblings, with the regular pinkish tones we talked about , these are ‘all white’. More accurately they could be described as white on a silver grey and this stood out immediately upon hatching.

Here is a few quick reference snaps , taken in different light to illustrate.

Super Alpine or Alpine Avalanche ( ALvalanche ) or Alpine White Out or Alpine Blizzard or even Alpine Lucy ?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts / choice or name for this new project !

For anyone interested in this new project , I will be making a limited no. of offspring available once sexed and established frozen/thawed feeders.

INQUIRE TO : pituophis@btinternet.com

Hidden Genes


I’ve been of the mind , for many years , that the potential for new phenotypes in annectens is immense and widely untapped.

I have myself , created and proven out several brand new phenotypes and I’m confident there are many hidden genes yet come into play.

A perfect example of my theory can be illustrated with the snake below , produced by my pal Geoff Clarke from a pair of multi het’s , both of which came directly from me.

Clearly the patternless gene is coming into play here , however there is also some orange blotching in parts and these blotches lack the dark perimeter outlines associated with blotched individuals

In summary this looks almost like both patternless/striping and blotched patterns all combined in one animal. Perhaps a paradox of the Pituophis kind ?

New Project , first ever clutch 2022


For anyone unfamiliar with this brand new phenotype , now that I have my very first clutch incubating from the visual female and one due from a het female , here’s a quick reminder…..

Four years ago I hatched a small clutch from multi het parents , this yielded a split clutch , 50% het’s and 50% visual albino T+. It was noticeable even upon hatching , the colours were different and something new to my eyes.

Fast forward to present day and those het’s have become incredibly beautiful with jet black on an orange background and even the belly’s have become orange.

The visual’s have also matured into stunningly colourful snakes ,the orange is off the chart intense and the neck / upper third have a real metallic look , somewhat copper or even gold like to the naked eye , simply awesome.


I have yet to name this project , but a couple of metallic themed names spring to mind …… Copper Gopher and Golden Gopher , I love to hear any thoughts /suggestions.

Whatever’s happening here certainly seems to turn the orange colour up to 11 !